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I tried to explained that it must be a fraud, but you are so right, the person at customer services, kept saying the same thing over and over again that doesn.I have purge all cookies from my machine, made sure I am logged into my Paypal sandbox account but Paypal will still not let the buy pay with a credit card unless they have a Paypal account.

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Therefore, there will be a trail which can help you in the event of taking the case to the courts.I get a call from PayPal out of the blue asking about my activities in the Czech republic.

For the quickest answer, search previously asked questions below.PayPal has told me on the phone that they have refunded to that other credit card.

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But, first you have to register your details (including Credit Card details) with PayPal.

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You can opt to transfer money from your bank account or add money from the Green Dot MoneyPak.

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Aside from a friend or buyer sending money to your PayPal account, PayPal has two primary methods for adding money to your account.Since they are linked to your checking account, they simply take money from your account.I just LOST a bunch of money thanks to paypal so now I wont be able to eat for 2-3 weeks as a result of these.

No. PayPal allows to withdraw money only at your own account.

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The card should be positioned so that it is upside down with its strip is facing away from you.

However, as a PayPal customer, you have the option to link your PayPal account to one of your bank accounts.

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You have to give PayPal the routing number of the bank your credit card is issued from for if you want to be able to transfer funds into PayPal.

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PayPal, the original standard for online financial transactions, is still an important part of most of our lives.To send money from a source other than your PayPal balance, your PayPal account must be verified and all accounts that you want to be move money into and out of must be linked to your PayPal account.Electronic check processing is somewhat similar to paper check processing, only faster.Re: How does someone pay money into my PayPal account When receiving payments via PayPal does the payee have to have a PayPal account too.By simply logging into, you can keep track of all your PayPal and PayPal Credit transactions at any time.

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Because PayPal is an online money management service and not a bank, it does not overdraft your account.In addition, anybody in Italy who owes you money can nip into the PO and credit your Postepay card (which you can then move into your UK credit card account via Paypal).

Original review: Jan. 16, 2019. My sister started getting small frequent charges on her bank statement that put her into a negative balance.Just log into your Paypal account normally and select the credit card as the payment method from your funding sources on your account.

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I have a Direct Express account that issues a debit MasterCard.Yes, donors without PayPal accounts can still pay or donate by credit card or debit card on the PayPal site.I thought the paypal balance would show a negative balance, like the last time and I just used my credit card to pay off the paypal account since I had removed the link between my bank account and paypal since Feb 1 2018 as a direct result of this same event happening the last time.

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This is a re-post of a comment on How to Clone an Existing Form from a URL.Paypal are scammers, if they pause your account because someone has made frauded money into it, then they get all the money in your account. many people have tryed to sue them but they get no.When I select the checkout button on my site I am redirected to the Paypal payment site but the only option on this page is to either create a Paypal account or login to my paypal accout.Once automatic login is not turned on for your mobile devices, you will have to enter your paypal password when making payments through the ebay app.My personal identification information was hacked from PayPal and someone opened a PayPal credit account under my information.

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Funinabox- when someone pays with paypal, the money goes into your paypal account.

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In the rare chance that someone has not came across a need to pay for something using Paypal there are plenty of people who have been burned by Paypal one way or another.