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The Crafty, Mighty, Prima and PAX 2 are all top shelf vapes that are clear choices for vapor connoisseurs with disposable income.Care should be taken prior to using a vaporizer, as vaporizing will.The aptly named Iolite Original vaporizer was the first portable vaporizer made by Irish Vaporizer mogul Oglesby and Butler.

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Iolite vaporizers have the look of a handheld radio with an antenna.

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The medicinal water properties are extracted by the vaporization process and the aromatic vapors are then absorbed by the body in its purest form.

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Launched in 2008, The IOLITE set the standard in the world of vaporizing.The position of the best portable vaporizers in market is preserved for the Iolite Vaporizers.The iolite is regarded as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market with 1000s sold in just a couple of years.These compact and lightweight vaporizers are made for vapor enthusiasts that are in need of portability.

It is designed and assembled in Ireland, Iolite 2.0 creates a catalytic reaction that synergies butane and oxygen with a cool exhaust system to expel the leftover butane.With that as our guiding mission statement, we strive to ensure our customers remain the top priority, with innovation and education at the heart of our approach.They are quiet, fit into a pocket in your bag, and come with rechargeable batteries or replaceable butane tanks in the case of Iolite devices.

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The iolite produces decent vapor but the butane smell and the difficulty of cleaning it properly delegated it to the storage room.Introduced to the market in 2008, the iolite portable vaporizer uses a patented one of a kind flameless gas catalytic conversion heating method and thermostatic temperature gage.The iolite Portable fits in the palm of your hand without any of the traditional restrictions such as power.

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The iolite and the Vapir NO2 combine the usability of the electric vaporizers with the portability of small, non-electrict models.

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If you want to maximize both your weed stash and your vaping experience, go with a desktop vaporizer.

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The Iolite has a little valve for butane at the top of the unit.Convection vaporizers involve the transfer of heat, forcing the less dense material, i.e., the vapor to rise.

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Wispr 2 by Iolite Vaporizer comes complete with limited 2 years Warranty, restricted to normal use.Check out our huge range of top quality portable vapes and enjoy a vape on the go.

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Get the widest range of portable vaporizers with amazing offers.

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About the size of a cell phone, the iOlite fits discreetly into your purse or pants pocket.Screens, vapor whips, glass and more to keep your vaporizer in service.

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Portable Vaporizers are exactly that - portable and perfect for people on the go.They also make the WISPR, which is very similar but slightly more expensive.Portable vaporizers are perfect if your looking to vaporize on the go.