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The summer cocktail season is over but it does not mean that we have to give up on tasty drinks.This fabulous Grinch Juice from is one of our most.When people plan for their holiday parties, they sometimes forget to think about what to serve as Christmas drinks.

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Note: The non-alcohol drinks start about half way down the post.The spiciness of the ginger ale and the sweetness of the pineapple blends perfectly and allows you to enjoy a delicious and refreshing drink.

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Rosemary-juniper syrup, fresh squeezed clementine juice and sparkling water make a fresh and not too sweet winter mocktail.

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It is nicely spiced with citrus flavours, and is a non-alcoholic drink that the whole family can enjoy at Christmas time.The Hot Toddy is one of the most famous hot alcoholic drinks in the world.Nothing warms you up like a latte or steaming mug of hot chocolate during winter—but the calorie count can be hard to swallow.Making hot chocolate in quantity in a slow-cooker is an easy make-ahead drink for parties.

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Cool off and stay hydrated with a non-alcoholic drink this summer, try one of these 75 Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes.

On chilly fall and winter evenings it feels so cozy to sit on your sofa, wrapped in a nice soft blanket and sip away a mug of thick hot chocolate.Winter months are cold and frigid, so you want something nice and warm to keep you cozy.Each drink name is a link to the source of the recipe (and photo) below.

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Thankfully, a lot of delicious beverages are perfect for the season, and many can be created last minute using very few ingredients.Begin by cutting the orange into quarters and then slice the quarters.These drinks will equally slay at in your home around the fire (be it in a fireplace or on your computer screen, like we roll) or at your frosty-but-delightful winter wedding.The days are longer, the temperatures higher and we all need some kind of a refreshment to keep us cooled down.The non-alcoholic ginger ale tastes gingery but not-too-strong gingery.Feel free to add some cloves if you want, but the drink is perfectly fine without this spice.

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This Non Alcoholic Apple Pie Punch is the perfect virgin drink for fall, winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.Culinary website archive already contains 1,035,496 recipes and it is still growing.

Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to make life a little easier.With only four ingredients (water among them), it scored highly in accessibility and prep time.The regular stuff is good and all, but sometimes it gets boring.Hot Drinks When the weather gets cooler, many people often look for ways to warm up from the inside out.

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When mixing non-alcoholic spritzers, we love using fruit and herbs for a sweet yet grown-up flavor.

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Following my post on 8 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Survive the Summer and in the hopes that something warm on the inside will defrost your chilly exterior, here are 8 warm German drinks to endure the winter.Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Whole Bite Blog Hot chocolate is traditionally non-alcoholic so it only makes sense that one variation would hold a spot on this list.Drinks, Featured, Non Alcoholic, Popular Articles November 22, 2016 Decadent Hot Chocolate Recipes for the Coldest Days Add great flavors like matcha, strawberry or white chocolate to your normal mug of hot cocoa for fun new flavors all winter long.

Winter Lemonade was a surprise winner, to be honest, but a definitive victor nonetheless.So you can be ready for whatever weather spring throws at you.It is either milk or water, which is sweetened and thickened with a starch from the root of several species of wild orchids.

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There are two kinds of wintery yet festive drinks to guzzle up for the rest of the season: those that utilize winter fruit and are sparkly and fun, and those that are hot and cozy.Most of the countries with cold winter have their own, traditional drinks, designed to help them get through the dark season.

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Refreshingly sweet with a tart, citrus twist—you had us at punch.

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If you do drink alcohol, you could always add Brandy or Rum to these recipes.This big-batch drink takes a little more prep time since it needs to freeze overnight.

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In a pan, over medium-high heat, add apple cider, 2 cinnamon sticks and cloves.Winter Drinks for Santa Our Holiday Cocktails Are Full of Festive Cheer Martinis, punches, eggnog, and other seasonal favorites sure to make the party swing.If I am going to drink hot chocolate, then I want it to be exciting.It seems like during the winter we all forgot how hot summer really is.